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Rebusz, ED78-012 as regio train from Szczecin Glowny to Poznan Glowny is arriving station.
Train number: 87300 SRJP table: 360 D29: 351
Krzesnica Sarbinowo, 301Db-143 with freight train from Kostrzyn is going to Barnowko.
Train number: 884014 SRJP table: ? D29: 430
Sokolowo Budzynskie, ET22-1120 with freight train from Glogow to Kolobrzeg is going to Budzyn.
Train number: 684023 SRJP table: 340 D29: 354
Potegowo, ED250-006 as Express Intercity Premium train from Kolobrzeg to Krakow Glowny is going to Lebork.
Train number: 8302 SRJP table: 380 D29: 202
Jerzmanki, SU46-029 with freight train from Wegliniec to Sulikow stops before semaphore.
Train number: 661160 SRJP table: 255 D29: 274

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