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Gdynia Cisowa, EN57AKM-1675+1135 as SKM train from Gdansk Srodmiescie to Wejherowo is leaving station.
Train number: 95745 SRJP table: 452 D29: 250
Wierzchucin, VT928 652 as train from Chojnice to Bygdoszcz is going to station.
Train number: 50338 SRJP table: 431 D29: 208
Tarnowo Rogozinskie, EN57ALc-2221 as regio train from Poznan Glowny to Koszalin is arrivng station.
Train number: 78321 SRJP table: 340 D29: 354
Szczecin Port Centralny SPB, EP07-1046 with IC Bolko train from Szczecin Glowny to Lublin Glowny.
Train number: 82100 SRJP table: 366 D29: 273
Sulechow, EP08-006 with TLK Stoczniowiec train from Gdynia Glowna to Zielona Gora Glowna is leaving station.
Train number: 57100 SRJP table: 334 D29: 358

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