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Szczecin Wstowo, ET22-1115 as train from Szczecin Port Centralny is going to Szczecin Gumience.
Train number: 885137 SRJP table: ? D29: 851
Chlastawa, E189-451 with freight train from Oderbruecke to Pruszkow is going to Zbaszyn.
Train number: 710036 SRJP table: 300 D29: 3
Wronki, ED78-006 as regio train from Swinoujscie to Poznan Glowny is waiting for depart.
Train number: 87400 SRJP table: 360 D29: 351
Wyszomierz, SA139-002 as regio train from Kolobrzeg to Szczecin Glowny is going to Osina.
Train number: 88649 SRJP table: 375 D29: 402
Runowo Pomorskie, EN57AL-1230 as regio train from Szczecinek to Szczecin Glowny is arriving station.
Train number: 88245 SRJP table: 380 D29: 202

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